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Roza at home - Rokosovo, Ukraine, 2012

Srinigar, Kashmir, 2012

Gailano street - Havana, Cuba, 2016

Sam on his porch - Spencer, Indiana, 2012

Istanbul, 2012 - Mamagar eats with his son in a small apartment shared by nine people in Kumkapi neighborhood. Mamagar concluded the risks were too steep to enter Europe illegally through Greece, and hoped to return to Senegal someday.

Driggs, Idaho, 2016 - Cowboys practice their lasso technique at the Teton Valley Rodeo.

Goshen, Indiana, 2012 - Three Amish siblings shoot hoops in the backyard of their farm house as laundry dries. Nine brothers and sisters in all, their father is a horseshoe blacksmith. From "State of Basketball" featured in Mother Jones.

Joe Pierre, Co-Chief of Schizophrenia Treatment Unit at VA West Los Angeles Healthcare Center, forges a steel blade in his home garage in Calabases, CA. Pierre practices Shinkendo martial arts and sword making in his spare time. Shot for UCLA Magazine, May 2016.

Francistown, Botswana, 2012

Clergymen talk politics before VP candidate Paul Ryan speaks at a GOP rally in Ohio, November, 2012

Shiva celebration - New Delhi, India, 2012

The Salton Sea - Bombay Beach, CA, 2013

Maramures, Romania, 2012

Stannard, VT, 2015 - From "Bernie's Vermont" featured in Politico Magazine. Tom Gilbert, a local compost producer, cleans chickens with the help of a friend in Stannard, where Bernie Sanders lived in the late 1960's. Gilbert says, "An important cultural value of Vermont is every person on this earth getting to live out their own story...and being authentic, accountable and transparent, and I think that's why Bernie's been successful here, because that's just sort of naturally his M.O."

An Air Force veteran at a VFA outpost in Alamogordo, NM, from a story on drone pilots featured in The Atlantic and Mother Jones. Regarding drones, he said, "They save lives so I don't know what the criticism is. But I'm not sure about the pilots wearing the same uniforms and getting the same medals, because they don't take the same risks."

Indian soldiers on patrol - Mount Harmukh, Kashmir Valley, 2012

Bridge Jump - Charleston, SC, 2015

Breezy Point after Hurricane Sandy, 2012

Dulac bayou, Louisiana, 2013

"Bogus" Bruce in front of his junk-store in Catskill, New York, 2014

Romani settlement outside Khust, Ukraine, 2012

Anatolia, Turkey, 2012

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa, 2012

Gujjar nomad girl on mud roof - Himalayas, Kashmir Valley, 2012

Baba Ramdev anti-corruption rally - Delhi, India, 2012

Mesa with passing truck - Utah, 2013

Mac, a deaf train merchant, gives sign language to a friend - Romania, 2012

Monsoon season - Srinigar, Kashmir, 2012

Rajasthan, India, 2012

Himba tribe - Opuwo, Namibia, 2012

Monsoon season - Delhi, India, 2012
New Delhi, India, 2012

Patagonia, Chile, 2012