March, 2014 cc: @burndiary, @burnmagazine

Hey Burners, @elijahsol with you starting today. My base is Brooklyn but I'm currently bouncing around India. I was up north for a friend's wedding, and now I'm down south for a little solo travel before returning to my desk job. It's my second time in India, but first exploring these parts. I'll be snaking up from Kerala through Goa and Maharashtra before ending in Mumbai. I've traveled in 40+ countries in my 34 years but somehow India always makes me feel like a total rookie. This trip's too short to dive into one plot line too deeply, but let's see what we see, as they say. Anyways, hop in the proverbial tuk-tuk with me and grab a masala chai. Above, a laborer clad in a patterned Keralan lungi smokes the last of his bidi while repairing the road to the hill station of #Munnar in the state of #Kerala, #India.

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street scene in #goa, #india, where burning rubbish and morning light sometimes cooperate. a b-side from my #burndiary week.

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morning catch #goa #india #bagabeach #fishing

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